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Rust InterceptTM

Ferrous Shrink Film brings a new and improved advantage to shrink packaging. The addition of a built in active, long term protection of ferrous metal surfaces from rust and corrosion. 

Shrink Packaging and Corrosion

Shrink packaging involves the use of thermoplastic films that have the property of shrinking with the application of heat. The film is first sealed around an item forming a bag , which when subjected to heat, will form around the item. Shrink film is a simple economical way to package almost anything regardless of shape.

Shrink packaged metal products will however corrode when moisture or pollutants are trapped between the metal surfaces and the film on contact surfaces.  Also, shrink film breathes so over time moisture and pollutants will find their way to the product surfaces.

Ferrous Shrink Film

Rust Intercept Shrink Film eliminates these problems by means of corrosion inhibitors incorporated into the film during the production process. A patented blend of volatile corrosion inhibitors through vapor emittence and contact, counter the effects of moisture, salt and pollutants.  

It is important to note that Rust Intercept Ferrous Shrink Film Is NOT COATED The inhibitors are an integral part of the film and will not flake off, stick or otherwise affect any electrical or mechanical properties of the packaged item. 

How it Works

Once an item is enclosed in Rust Intercept Ferrous Shrink Film, the film emits VCI molecules which saturate the enclosed airspace and condense on all surfaces of the item. Any molecules of moisture present on surfaces combine with ferrous molecules. As a result the moisture is rendered incapable of supporting corrosion. The ferrous surfaces are thus passivated. Replacement VCI molecules are supplied from the saturated airspace and the film.  In this way the interior metal surfaces of the item are continuously passivated from the effects of humidity, salt and acidic atmospheres, alone or in combination. Of equal importance, since so much of an item is in intimate contact with the film, contact inhibitors in the film provide a similar protection mechanism. As a result Rust Intercept Ferrous Shrink Film is particularly well suited for protecting large expensive objects with machined surfaces where corrosion of any sort cannot be tolerated.

Note:   Rust Intercept Ferrous Shrink Film introduces the capability of providing non-ferrous metal protection of Aluminium, Copper, Brass, Bronze and Galvanized. Please inquire about your particular requirements